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Ye Maya Chesave Actress Samantha Photo Gallery

Check out the latest photos of Nagachaithanya's new girl Samantha who has paired up with him in Ye Maya Chesave.
Ye Maya Chesave samantha photos 1
Ye Maya Chesave samantha photo gallery
Ye Maya Chesave samantha

Heroine Fell down, Movie Super Hit!

Hansika photoIf a heroine falls down during a dance sequence, industry people believe that the movie will become a Super Hit. Recently Glam doll Hansika Mothwani, fell down during picturisation of a song and the unit members said "Pilla Padipoyindi movie Super Hit". Listening to this words, Hansika got angry upon them. Speaking about the incident, Hansika said,"I used to laugh at people who are very superstitious about everything they do in the life. But slowly I started believing things". Even in the shooting of Desamuduru, Hansika fell down and the movie become a super hit. Hope Hansika falls down for every movie and increase her success rate.

Tollywood attaining new heights in Overseas

NTR Nayanatara AdhursIn fact, overseas revenues can recover up to 10 per cent of the production cost of a film. The growth for this segment has been phenomenal — from a modest Rs 5 to 10 lakh for a print to a whopping Rs 2.5 crore (reportedly for Adhurs on 37 prints). Unfortunately, this new money-generating source hasn’t really benefited non-star and thematic films much. Non Resident Telugus (NRTs) continue to be star-stuck and the patronised superstars include Mahesh Babu, NTR Jr, Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun and Ram Charan Tej. Some small films like Happy Days, Gamyam, Godavari, Vinayakudu, Madhumasam and Kotha Bangaru Lokam have however managed decent overseas BO collections.

The overseas collection of Adhurs has been heartening for all of us,” says NTR. Producer-director Chandra Siddharth admits that while, “big stars have an edge even in the overseas market, NRT viewers also patronise meaningful films.” So, while a smaller film might earn “Rs 15-20 lakh overseas”, the good part is “quality films are also appreciated,”says Chandra. From two theatres in the US, big T-town flicks now get released in 20-odd centres across US. The major centres comprise Dallas, Detroit, LA, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta and Virginia because a huge chunk of Telugu-speaking population resides in and around these centres. In spite of the flexible ticket rates ($8-12), Vijaya Saradhi, overseas distributor and dad of actor Varun Sandesh, feels that the overseas business is risky. “Three years ago it was very lucrative, but a lot of players jacked up the prices and now the business has become risky.”

Besides soaring rates, director Saikiran Adavi feels internet piracy is a big menace for the overseas market. “Pirated versions of a new film is available for download the day after the film’s release. My film Villagelo Vinayakudu could just break even,” he rues.

Besides stars, a couple of new-age Telugu filmmakers have also carved a niche for themselves among overseas viewers. Sekhar Kammula released Happy Days in the overseas market, three days prior to its India release and his upcoming film has already been sold for a hefty sum. New-age NRT filmmaker Krish says, “We understand NRTs’ film preferences, their difficulty in reaching a theatre, how weekends are favourites, etc. So I make entertaining films to draw them.”

What most filmmakers are gung-ho about are the opening of new overseas territories like the UK and Australia which are proving to be money-spinning too. As to how much more the market grows depends a lot on the content and pricing of a film and Tollywood is finally waking up to delivering on both counts.

Courtesy: TOI

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