Monday, June 14, 2010

Trisha in Love with Indian Dogs !!

trishaTrisha is in love. But hold on, we aren’t referring to the latest man in her life but her craze for Indian dogs. The actress, whose liking for animals is quite wellknown, is now all set to wear an angelic avatar for the cause of Indian dogs. “I am really pleased to be the brand ambassador for the adoption of Indian dogs. I’m endorsing something that I truly believe in and my joy knows no boundaries,” begins the pretty actress.

She continues, “I’m on the move every day and see many dogs lying in the garbage and loitering on the streets. It’s heartbreaking when I see them. People should understand that Indian dogs can be well-bred too. You may wonder what difference adopting a dog might make, but it does have a great effect on the animal.”

Does that mean that she is campaigning for the adoption of dogs and not buying them? “Exactly! But I do not prefer to call them stray as I consider every animal special. Six years ago, I had adopted Cadbury (an Indian dog) and he’s now the darling of my family. In fact, he is my karmic buddy,” muses Trisha.

Quiz the actress if she grew close to any animal while shooting and she replies with a grin. “During the shoot of my Telugu film NuvvostananteNenoddanta na, I became close with the pomeranian in the film. He provided me great company throughout the shoot. On that note, let me also tell you that I am against shooting with animals illegally.”

The dog-lover in Trisha is now all excited as she truly hopes that she will be able to help spread word about the noble cause through her latest campaign. “Adopt a dog and treat him or her like a family member. That’s the mantra,” she winds up.

Courtesy: TOI

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