Wednesday, June 16, 2010

‘It’s not Ramayan, it’s the Raavayan’

abishek bachanIn his current flick, Abhishek portrays a dark character, which many consider inspired from Ramayan’s Ravan. But, AB says, “It’s not Ramayan, it’s the Raavayan.” Also, talking about his experience of working on the project with such a large cast, he says, “One would be doing the insanest of things in the harshest of circumstances, but everyone was supportive.” Talking of his role, Abhishek says, “Beera is the most challenging character and role I’ve ever done. I’d said the same about Guru and the same about Yuva. Mani has given me the most defining works of my life.”

Courtesy: TOI

Charmy Mangala Photos

It seems charmy has lost her glamour. Check out her new photos in the film Mangala.
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