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ASIN working @ 22 hours a day

asin.jpgThe lass from Kerala, Asin, sure is dedicated to her work. She has been shooting non-stop for the last two months. She shot for Ready with Salman Khan in Colombo and then travelled all over to shoot for her endorsements.

Sources inform that “Salman was impressed by her professionalism. The actress has been shooting non-stop for 22 hours almost every day. But she did not let her hectic schedule affect the unit and nor did she cause any delays. In fact, she would shoot her portions on the sets, then fly to other locations for her ad shoots and rejoin the unit in Colombo.”

The next schedule will begin soon in Bangkok and Mumbai.


Gaayam-2 Trailer

Check out the trailer of Jagapathi Babu's Gaayam-2 movie.

Archana Beautiful Photos

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Mahesh Babu Speaks Out !!!

Mahesh babu.JPGTollywood is currently undergoing a renaissance of sorts by going out of its way to promote movies and Mahesh Babu, who perhaps has the largest fan base compared to any other actor, has also joined the bandwagon. The usually reclusive superstar is promoting his upcoming film in a unique manner keeping pace with the changing industry norms.

The actor, whose movie Khaleja is set to release soon, says that though he loves to maintain a “low profile”, he is always game for movie promotions that are innovative.

“I like to maintain a low profile in my personal life. At the same time, I will promote my movies if the promotions are innovative. The industry has changed since the time I debuted as an actor in terms of promotions that are more aggressive these days. Now, the first two weeks of the collections decide the box office fate of the film and so the more the promotions, the better it is for the film,” says Mahesh Babu.

The actor who had managed to hold on to his superstar status in spite of not releasing a film for over three years by endorsing brands and appearing in commercials, assures that he will do more films hereafter. His last two movies Sainikudu and Athithi bombed at the box office. So what kept him busy for the last three years? “After my last release Athithi, I wanted to take a break for six months and then get back to films. But then Namrata’s parents passed away, after which my grandmother passed away. I just couldn’t focus on scripts because of these unfortunate incidents in the family,” says the actor, who admits that there is bound to be pressure on him since it is his first release after a long gap of three years.

Mahesh Babu, who turned 36 on Monday, manages to watch films and spend time with his son Gautam in his free time. Industry bigwigs who feel that Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan are the two big stars whose films have the highest box office openings, have gone public many times demanding that these actors should do more movies or they will lose out to Tamil superstars Vikram, Suriya and Karthi. Quiz Mahesh if he is insecure and wary of competition from across the border, and he is quite confident about his position.

“We Telugu actors have our own market and we don’t have to worry about it at all. Each of us has a good fan base here and there is no need to worry about Tamil actors at all. The industry and fans ask us to do more movies but there must be good scripts. There is no point in doing a bad movie and disappointing them,” the actor justifies.

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Rajnikanth ROBO Telugu Trailer

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Mahesh Babu 'Khaleja Unda' Photoss

Check out the photos of Mahesh babu at 'Khaleja Unda' event launch.
Mahesh babu khaleja unda photos.

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