Thursday, September 30, 2010

ROBO / Endhiran Movie Review

Robo movie reviewCheck out the exclusive reviews of Rajini kanth, Aishwarya Rai starrer ROBO (telugu) / Endhiran (tamil) first on the net. There were mixed reports from the initial screening.

ROBO Review from Canada:

Rajini Sir ! acted very well as Robo - its goes without saying no surprises! His opening scene is very very ordinary. There were no scene to whistle. But movie is just ave as far as i am concerned. No style, no comedy, no punch dialogues. First half was ok. 2nd half is too much dragging. They should cut some scenes.

Technically its very good with CG works, but Rajini movie doesnt need all this. We need mass, but its not there.

Dont see with any expectations, see it as ordinary movie

Courtesy: Sreehari Dananjeyan

ROBO Review from Dubai:

The report has been very positive from Dubai. Here are the highlights of Robo/ Endhiran.
  • Shankar has used technology and special effects to the core.
  • Aish looking great, acted well, she looks old in some scenes.
  • Rajini is just GREAT GREAT GREAT.
  • He takes more |Avatars, say more than 1000 and other avatars are mustard here.
  • I think none other than Rajini can mantle this role and none would fit into this role.
  • Excellent camera and fighting scenes, superb train stunt by chitti
  • Music is good and background music is pressed to take the scenes to the new heights.
  • Dont miss to take your children, 4-14, they will enjoy more than you.
  • chitti (rajini villain)’s actions are superb.
  • A repeat watch may be recommended.
  • Songs picturisation just superb.
  • computer, graphics, tehno – all class.
  • Razor edge dialogues by sujatha – just great.
  • Karunas, Santhanam – should have been utilised better. They have less role to play.
Courtesy: Eshwar
Endhiran movie review.jpg
ROBO Review from Austraila:
  • Movie started.
  • Rajini introduction is simple
  • O Mary Manishi is he first song
  • Aish just entered
  • Robo Rajini is built and movie is going on
  • Rajini and Aish first interaction going on
  • Neela valapu song started. Locations are really good
  • Movie is going on decent pace ... Crowd has gone silent
  • Villan entered
  • First heroic scene with Robo Rajini started
  • There is no serious fights everything is going on a light mode
  • Movie is average so far
  • First fight in the movie started...BGM is also not that great
  • Boom boom Robo ra song started
  • There is no Plot so far in the movie the whole movie so far is just showcasing what ROBO can do
  • A rescue scene started and it's not very believable
  • So far the movie is just hype. It's just scenes mixed together
First half just ended avg to below avg
  • Second half started
  • Inumulo hurdayam song started
  • The movie all of a sudden has terrorists . they should have really taken a second look at the plot
  • Boom boom Robo ra dance version started
  • so far haven't seen where did the 150cr was spent
  • Kilimanjaro song started
  • Location is awesome but picturization is not
  • A chase scene started
  • Theater is quiet even for chase scene
  • Arima arima song finished
  • Movie is heading towards climax
  • Climax is too funny
  • Don't expect a graphical master piece
Second half finished even this is avg to below average


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