Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NTR Shakti Censor Report

NTR Shakti censor report.
NTR's Shakti has been censored on 24rd of March and has been awarded 'A' certificate.

Here is the censor talk of Shakti movie:

Censor cuts: 4 Minor
Total Run Time of the movie: 2 hr 40 mins

The first half of the movie is average. First half of the movie has Thaliya Thaliya, Surro Surro, Yamaga unde songs and a lot of action sequences.

Second half  is good and flashback episode which will be around 30 mins was well picturized. The sets especially in the 4th song prema desam yuvarani and Kali matha set will be feast for the eyes.

Going by the censor report, Shakti will be an above average movie and since lot of other movies are releasing in April, the movie range may also depend on them.

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