Thursday, April 7, 2011

RGV controversial statement on Satya Saibaba

Ramagopal varma who is known was his controversial statements has recently twitted about Satya saibaba. He said:
  • Am praying hard to the almighty puttaparthi sai baba to use his Godly powers to make himself healthy....I sooo hate to see God bedridden
  • A dead Baba will always be more powerful than an alive Baba because the dead can't die nd the alive can't live.
  • God is the biggest Baba and if any Baba thinks he is God then God will make him just a Baba.
  • Babas think they are Babas because they think they are Gods but becos Gods dont think Babas are Gods Babas again become Babas.
  • God is a Baba to Babas but Babas can never be Gods to Gods.

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