Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teenmaar Censor Report

Teenmaar censor report
Pawankalyan's Teenmaar got censored yesterday and got clean U Certificate. Here is the exclusive censor report of Teenmaar:
  • Cinema is very fresh but may not connect to telugu audience. The film lacks the telugu nativity in many scenes.
  • Pawan kalyan action is very good in the movie.
  • Comedy scenes worked out really well.
  • Trisha, Kirthi and russian girl are beautiful on screen.
  • Trivikram dialogues are biggest asset in the film.
  • Production values are awesome.
  • B, C class center audience cannot connect to the script.
  • Pawan kalyan, Trisha chemistry was good on the screen but lot of dialogues are in english.
  • Songs and flashback are just OK.
Having seen Love Aaj Kal, it definitely can't go well with Telugu audience until and unless some major modifications has been done in the script. Hope Trivikram and Jayanth has done the necessary modifications.

As per the censor talk, the film may not be a blockbuster, but can definitely an above average fare.

NOTE: THIS IS ONLY CENSOR TALK AND MAY NOT BE TRUE. One have to wait until April 14th to know the actual truth about Teenmaar.

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