Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sameera Reddy Can't Choose?

More than Bollywood, Sameera Reddy has been concentrating on the Tamil and Telugu film industries.

Ask her if that's a conscious decision and she says, "I'm happy to be getting so many roles down south. But I am also active in Bollywood. I am desperately trying to juggle the assignments in the two industries now."

But, how different is it working in the south Indian film industry when compared to Bollywood? "The difference would be the fans. In Bollywood, the fans are fickle-minded. One day they will love you, the next day, you are just one of the aaya ram gaya ram types. Fans in south India stand by you through thick and thin. Also, the industry here is more organized," she points out.

Tell her fans here also build temples for their favourite stars and she laughs, "I am waiting for one for myself!" However, she quickly adds, "I was joking. Actually, it's scary. I had a crazy experience two years ago when I was shooting here and an elderly lady from the crowd came up to me, slit her wrist and put a tikka on my forehead with her blood. I got so scared that I ran away."

Courtesy: TOI

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