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Telugu Movie News On Sep 30th

Check out the Telugu movie news on Sep 30th:
  • Dookudu collected overall 30 crores share in the first week including overseas. In overseas and other parts of India the movie collected around 10 crores while in AP it collected the rest 20 crores.
  • Kandireega completed its 50 days run yesterday in all major centers including 11 theaters in Hyderabad city.
  • The runtime of Oosaravelli has been revealed by sources and it will be 2hrs and 25minutes, which will be perfect length for a movie now-a-days.
  • The makers of Mr. Nokia said that the stunts which Manchu Manoj has performed in the film was never tried by any South Indian actor in the past.

Oosaravelli Niharika Niharika Trailer

Check out the trailer of NTR's Oosaravelli Niharika Niharika, Tamanna and NTR romance creating new trend in Tollywood:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Telugu Movie News On Sep 26th

Check out the telugu movie news on Sep 26th:
  • NTR's Oosaravelli movie will be releasing grandly on Oct 6th.
  • Rajamouli tweeted "Best thing about dookudu is the"doola vagudu"character vaitla garu created for mahesh.he carried it with such ease and elegance which is the main reason for the huge success"
  • Tarakrathna changed his name to NTR, he is coming with new film Nandeswarudu.
  • Dookudu Collects 21.22 crores in 3 days. It had crossed over a million dollars in the first 3 days.
  • Allari Naresh's Madata khaja movie has been censored and it has received a U/A certificate.

Mr.Nokia Wallpapers

Monday, September 26, 2011

Comedy+Action = Super hits in Tollywood

Tollywood following a new trend. If the movie is an out and out comedy entertainer with certain action to please masses then the movie will be a super hit. Dookudu is an example for such kind of movie:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Telugu Movie News On Sep 24th

Check out the telugu movie news on Sep 24th:
  • Prakash Raj is turning as director in telugu and he will be making a film in Telugu titled Dhoni. He is also producing this movie.
  • 7th sense audio starring surya, shruti hasan in the direction of murgados has been released yesterday.
  • Lagaan in time Magazine's All-TIME 25 Best Sports Movies.
  • Manchu Manoj's Mr.Nokia story is about Mr.Awara who doesnt do any work and its going to be comedy entertainer.
  • Today is Sri vaitla's birthday and he is celebrating his birthday with full josh since the movie Dookudu which was released yesterday got a hit talk.

Nisha Agarwal New Photos in Violet

Check out the Nisha Agarwal Photos in Violet dress, cute nisha agarwal photos:

Dookudu Premier Show Mahesh Babu Photos

Check out the photos of Mahesh babu at Dookudu Premier show, Dookudu Premier Show Mahesh Babu Photos, Dookudu Premier Prince Pics:

Genelia Latest Photos at Mausam Movie Premier

Check out the photos of Genelia at the premier show of Mausam movie, Genelia new photo gallery:

Friday, September 23, 2011


Dhookudu movie review
Dhookudu Review: Average fare
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Abhimanyu Singh, Adithya, Vennela Kishore, Nassar, Ajay
Directed by: Srinu Vaitla
Produced by: Anil Sunkara, Gopinath Achanta, Ramu Achanta
Written by: Gopimohan
Music by: Thaman

The movie first show was finished in kuwait yesterday night and later Kadapa show was finished. Here is the mini review of the movie:
  • First Half of the film is OK, but second half of the film is boring in parts.
  • Emotional scenes has not worked well in second half.
  • Sr. NTR will be shown as PM in the film.
  • Prakash Raj is the father of Mahesh babu who will be in coma.
  • First Half of Dookudu is better than Second Half.
  • Fights in the film are very boring
  • First Half Song Order: Dhookudu,Guruvaram,Chulubuli
  • Comedy in the film is OK and all the comedians worked hard to make laugh, but in some scenes they failed.
  • Picturisation is good
  • Mahesh is the only plus point for the film. Cinema antha one man show ga untadi kevalam,Mahesh anni cheyyagaladu ani prove cheyyadaniki teesinattu untadi,Telangana slang tho baga act chesadu,Comedy kuda bane chesadu.
  • Songs second half Order:Poovai,Dethadi,Adhara
  • Samantha:Acting baga chesindi,Dances kuda chala bagunnayi main ga Dethadi Dethadi song lo dance bagundi,Chinmayi dubbing asset malli kaani styling is not good.  No much scope for her in 2nd half. Second half lo asalu Heroine character solely songs kosam use cheskunnadu anthe.
  • Negatives: Story ento asalu anni cheseddam sandincheddam ee okka cinematho anattu chesadu oka commercial cinema ki emotional touch echadu adhi assalu work out avvaledhu edhi kakunda ayyindi,Cinema runtime chala ekkuva second half bore kottesthadi.
  • Over all average film (Max 4 weeks), depends much on NTR's Oosaravelli which is releasing on 6th Oct.

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Ramcharan Teja Spoof in Dhookudu

Srinu vaitla has created MS Narayana character similar to Ramcharan Teja it seems. Check out the below photo:

Nageswara Rao as Valmiki in Sree Rama Rajyam

Valmiki ANR Photos, Sree Rama Rajyam photos, Nageswara Rao photos

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bramhanandam Replacing Top Heros of Tollywood

Bramhanandam is an ultimate comedy star and even got padmasri for his credit. Recently many are morphing Bramhanandam pictures on internet as a replacement of top tollywood heros. Check out few of them:

Dhookudu Censor Talk

Check out the censor Talk of mahesh babu's new film Dhookudu, Dhookudu censor talk, Dhookudu censor, Dhookudu inside info:
Click on the image for larger view:
Dhookudu Censor Talk

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dhookudu Censor report

Dhookudu Censor Report
As per the censor report, Dhookudu will be a comedy entertainer and its a complete srinu vaitla movie with lots of shades from King and Ready. Comedy will be there from start to end in the film.

Censor board appreciated srinu vaitla for making a good comedy entertainer and chances are high for the movie to become a super hit.

But censor board requested another print of Dhookudu until tomorrow, since the copy submitted was of bad quality. If censor board doesn't approve tomorrow, the chances are low for the movie to hit screens on 23rd september.

Telugu Movie News on Sep 19th

Check out the Telugu Movie news on Sep 19th:
  • NBK’s "Hara Hara Mahadeva" in the direction of B.Gopal was launched in June and the regular shooting of the film will starts shortly. The latest news is that Nanadamuri Balakrishna will be romancing Tapsee in this film.
  • Dookudu sets new record in US. It will be releasing in 79 theaters in US.
  • Kajal aggarwal has been posed for Filmfare too apart from FHM says the sources.
  • Sameera reddy and vishal new movie is getting famous for number of kisses in the film. It is heard that there will be as many as 30 kisses in the movie.

Mahesh Babu Dhookudu as MLA New Photos

Mahesh babu in Dhookudu as MLA Photos, Mahesh babu Dhookudu, Mahesh Bramhanandam Dhookudu movie:

Salman Khan, Katrinakaif New Movie "Ek Tha Tiger"

Salman Khan, Katrinakaif is all set to act in New Movie "Ek Tha Tiger":

Miss Hyderabad 2011 Audition

Check out the Miss Hyderabad 2011 Audition, Miss Hyderabad 2011 photos, Miss Hyderabad 2011 Audition videos

Sri Rama Rajyam Re-recording Stills

Check out the photo stills of Sri Rama Rajyam at Re-recording. Sri Rama Rajyam photos at re-recording:

Allu Arjun Supporting Stop Child Labour Campaign

Allu arjun photos at Stop Child Labour, Allu Arjun Photos, Allu Arjun for good cause

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Mahesh Babu Dookudu in Nizam Theaters List

Check out the theater list of dookudu in nizam, dookudu theaters list, Mahesh babu dookudu theaters

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Oosaravelli Wallpapers

Check out the new wallpapers of NTR Oosaravelli, Oosaravelli wallpapers, NTR oosaravelli wallpapers

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