Friday, January 7, 2011

Will Sumanth's 'G' Magic works at Box office again?

Sumanth's "Gowri" was a box office hit a few years ago.Then came the classic "Godavari", a runaway success. And now he's back to recreate 'G' magic at the box office with his next outing. A new genre for Telugu cinema Golconda High school aka "Chak De India", Sumanth's new look with a french beard, cast as an ambitious cricket coach has got the industry talking.

Slated to release this Sankranti, the film will lock horns with big buck films like 'Paramaveera Chakra'. But Sumanth thinks Sankranti is the best release time. "It's a season which can handle more than one good film as its holiday time and people are willing to spend. Besides, this sports based inspirational story is a new genre for Telugu cinema and the curiosity factor we know is high," he says.

An ardent follower of basketball and football tournaments worldwide, Sumanth's glad he's part of a movie that has sports backdrop.

"Movies and sports are my biggest passions and I'm happy this movie clubs the two. Being a film buff, I watched ten best sports coach films, and twice over to get a feel of this genre. The kids and I had two months rigorous cricket coaching at the academy to ensure we don't look silly on screen and get the body language right. We rehearsed dialogues which is rare in Telugu industry. For those who don't know, Sumanth wakes up odd hours to catch up with NBA and football matches on TV.

Looking back, 'Boni' sank at the BO forcing him to consciously take a break and do a movie with a proven team. After a few bitter experiences, this suave star, has revised his checklist for the next project. Earlier, he'd give script more weight but now? "I realise that it is important to have a prolific producer to get the movie a decent platform to market it effectively and good director to treat the script well."

One of the few actors who dares to risk and not get caught in the image trap, Sumanth feels that a movie will do well if budgets are moderate and casting is apt. Sumanth maintains a low profile when it comes to public appearances. Is he wary of papparazi?

"I like going out and partying, but not at nightclubs.I have a set of close friends and I confine my parties to spending time with them"

And finally, it's a decade since he debuted with 'Premakatha', is he happy with where he is? "I am not happy and I will never be satisified no matter what. I need commercial hits like 'Gowri' and 'Sathyam' now. I like doing roles that have never been tried out in our industry.I am glad that I am appreciated by a niche crowd who appreciate movies like "Godavari". But now, I am looking forward to more commercial hits" says the star with eyes filled with hope and confidence.

Courtesy: TOI

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