Monday, February 21, 2011

Tollywood Art Director gets a Patent

Art Director Ravinder who had worked in most of the rajamouli films including Magadheera, Chatrapati and Maryada Ramana got a patent for the first time in the tollywood's history.

The work done by him for the Maryada Ramanna House Set had generated a patent for him. He built the house set using advanced technology in the most cheapest way.

He is also working for Nagarjuna's Rajanna currently.

Pawankalyan on Cycle, Teenmaar Photos

pawankalyan teenmaar photos

RGV's Dongala Mutha Trailor

RGV's Dongala Mutha was shot in 5 days and its trailor was made in 2 days has already completed substantial post production work. It is going to be a 2 hour feature length film packed with an Action Thriller.The movie will hit the screens on 18th March 2011

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