Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Allu Arjun Honeymoon Plans Changed

allu arjun honeymoon plans
Allu Arjun can't stop smiling these days, not even the fact that his dream honeymoon, perhaps on some exotic island beach, went for a toss. Taking it in his stride the actor says, "I had to change my honeymoon plans after the Tsunami devastated Japan and an alert has been sounded in many other countries too.

Meanwhile, Bunny is going through a deluge of different sorts. I received so many messages, some even from actresses," he says referring to his huge female fan following and his popularity with his co-stars. When asked if he was missing all of them, he quipped, Yes, I miss them too!" And looking mischievously at the media he says, I must, in fact, thank you guys. If it were not for you I would not have married Sneha so early! and goes on to explain, I have seen her at a common friend's wedding and after that I proposed to her. Initially we had small problems but in the end everything was sorted out.

Like some star wives will Sneha Reddy too, call the shots on the films he will be doing? The actor laughingly quips, "That's why I have chosen a girl from a non-filmi background. As a wife, maybe she would like to know what I am doing, but she definitely doesn't want to interfere with the script and get involved in other discussions."

When quizzed about his nine-day wedding celebration, he said, "While doing "Varudu" I used to wonder how a marriage celebration can go on for five days but now I know that it is possible!"
Asked if his cousin Ram Charan Tej too is getting married soon, he laughs and says, "Chiranjeevi garu is ready, only Charan has to give the green signal." Going by the rumor mills that Charan is indeed in love with a heiress, will Charan's be a love marriage? Classifying his own marriage as an "arranged love marriage" Bunny says that as far as he knows, Charan is going to have an arranged marriage.

About his upcoming film "Badrinath", he says it is almost done and in the post-production work. Replying to questions if his upcoming film would beat "Magadheera", he clarifies, "Films like "Magadheera" come once or twice in a decade and I can't compare my film with it." Referring to his huge fan-following in Malayalam, so much so that he is fondly called "Mallu" Arjun, he says, "We would like to expand our market. We have plans to release "Badrinath" in Malayalam simultaneously.

Post marriage will Bunny cut down on his projects? "From now, I have decided to do two films a year. If I do anything more, the quality of work will suffer," he concludes.


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Chiranjeevi's Daughter Tortured by her Husband

chiranjeevi daughter tortured
Even before the images of her 'cinematic' marriage could fade away from public memory, Chiranjeevi's daughter Srija approached the Central Crime Station (CCS) police on Monday alleging that she was being tortured by her husband Sirish Bharadwaj for dowry.

On Monday morning, Srija approached the CCS police and lodged a complaint against Sirish alleging that he was physically and mentally torturing her for last few months for dowry. According to sources, Srija told the cops that out of love, she had already given several crores of rupees to Sirish.

"But of late there has been no end to his greed and it has become a daily practice for him to get drunk and torture his wife," a CCS official said. Sirish was allegedly demanding Rs 1.5 crore from Srija. Finding the 'torture' no more bearable, she approached the police on Monday.

Acting on the complaint lodged by Srija, the women police station of the CCS booked a case against Sirish under section 498-A (subjecting a married woman to cruelty) of the IPC. He was reportedly taken into custody by the cops but is most likely to be shown as arrested on Tuesday. His parents are also likely to be grilled by the cops.

The youngest daughter of Chiranjeevi created a flutter in October 2007 when she married Sirish and then fled to Delhi where the 19-year-old bride approached court asking for protection from her family. The couple has a two-and-half-year-old daughter.


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