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NTR Shakti Movie Review

Shakti NTR movie review.
Movie: Shakti
Cast: NTR, Ileana, Manjari Fadnis, SP Balasubrahmaniam, Manju Bhargavi, Sonu Sood, Prabhu, Jackie Sharof, Pooja Bedi etc
Director: Meher Ramesh
Producer: Ashwini Dutt
Music: Mani Sharma

NTR Shakti is the biggest budget movie so far in the history of Tollywood. The movie is made with whooping 45 crores budget. Here are the live updates and review of NTR Shakti.

First Half:
  • Names started
  • Small Introduction on Egypt & Pooja Bhatra Entrance..
  • Names continued..
  • Iliana Swimming pool entrance..
  • NTR Entrance - Alladipoyindi.., First Dialogue - Keekaaaaa, Fight... Iraga
  • Taliya Taliya Song Started.., Step Abo Abo ABo.... Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • NTR's intro dilog... Upar Bhagwan Neeche Salman Aage Shaktiman.... 
  • Commedy scenes are good...
  • Iliana ni Ice lo kapadatadu NTR..
  • Second Song Started.. Guchange Guchange...
  • Very Nicely picturized..
  • Iliana ni Vilan Gang kidnap chestaru..
  • NTR veli fight chestadu.. Fight Super ga teesadu...
  • Ipati daka movie.. is good.. 
First Half Final Report:
  • first song --tahliya steps oka range lo unnayi
  • 2 song 3 song kuda bagunayi anta
  • interval mundu 25 min varaku oka range oka range lo alladinchadu anta asalu
  • koni scenes ayithe racha rambola anta chala chala confident ga cheppadu intiyaz
  • comedy k anta adi matter
Second half :
  • Premadesam song vastundi
  • fight ayyindi anta oakti superrrr anta adi kuda
  • rudra charcter elevate cheyatam modelettadu anta ippude idi ayyaka malli cheptanua nandu flash back ayyaka so wait cheyandi konta sepu
  • Rudra Character lo NTR chala baga suit ayyadu..
  • Amma vari Setting matram chala baga kharchu pettinattu undi..
  • Story cheppa vaddu annaru kabatti.. just over all ga vestanu...
Second half Final Report:
  • Sentiment & Emotions to nadustundi full flash back episod.
  • Rudra Character lo ntr has Different look.. and he suits role very much..
  • we should appreciate director to take this new Step and portrait NTR in different angle..Thanks Ramesh garu..
  • Last Song - as usual kummesadu ntr.. dance lo chala fast movements untayi.
  • Climax fight - Good.
Final Verdict:
Move is Hit. The next range depends on how the Common Audience receives movie.

Courtesy: Inthiyaz & NFDB

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