Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mahesh Babu Dookudu First Look as Police Officer

Mahesh Babu Dookudu Police Officer

Why NTR, Ramcharan Teja and Mahesh Babu not tweeting?

Net savvy Tollywood stars who lived online 24X7 and loved to tom-tom about how it's cool to "connect" with fans, are now forced to eat their words and make quick, silent exits from social networking and microblogging sites.

Actor Siddharth who updated his fans about his life every five minutes before the release of "Anaganaga Oo Dheerudu" now appears online only once in a while. Swati and Vishnu Manchu have deactivated their accounts while NTR Junior and Ramcharan Tej hardly tweet anymore. The reclusive Mahesh Babu who found freedom on his microblogging site, used to go overboard with fan interaction sessions. But not anymore. The 'Prince' now talks online only if he has an announcement to make. Nagarjuna too has not been updating his posts, unless he has to thank someone.

So what's forcing our a-tweet-a-minute stars to go mum suddenly? Net fatigue? Naah... the real reasons for the dwindling number of T-towners' are far more serious.

With the hitherto inaccessible Tollywood demigods just a click away, thousands of fans have uncontrolled access to them. Needless to say, the effect is overwhelming. excited fans go overboard in expressing their love for the star, anguish at a flop or hatred for a rival star without mincing words. And the stars themselves are often put in a spot. Stripped off their demi-god status, the actors who are usually unaccustomed to anything but flattery find themselves losing temper and tongue at the first instance of criticism.

Courtesy: TOI

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