Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Actor award 2011 belongs to Vikram

Vikram is one of the best actors in the industry today and he is becoming better and better with each film.

The actor's next film Deiva Thirumagan is yet to hit screens, but those who have seen the rushes of the movie can't stop raving about his performance. The film, which is adapted from Hollywood's I Am Sam, has Vikram a mentally challenged adult.

Sources from the industry say that Deiva Thirumagan director Vijay and leading ladies Anushka and Amala Paul are all in awe of Chiyaan's brilliant performance. "Anushka, Amala and director Vijay think that this is certainly one of the best performances by Vikram. Also people from the industry who have seen the rushes of the film feel that chances are that Vikram will win Best Actor award for this one," said a source.

The promos of the film are already garneting a lot of interest and if Vikram impresses audience once again, the Best Actor award will be his for sure.

Courtesy: TOI

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