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Pawankalyan Gabbar Singh Wallpapers

Check out the new photos of Pawankalyan's Gabbar Singh:
pawan kalyan gabbar singh wallpapers

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Chiranjeevi need to act in Films - RGV

Chiranjeevi's decision to quit films and concentrate on politics has shocked his fans, friends and family.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma too dismissed Chiranjeevi's decision and said that the superstar doesn't need to quit films for politics. RGV said, Chiru's far superior to all the people he wants to serve and why he wants to serve people who are inferior to him completely beats me.

Ramu reasoned out that the much loved star is shifting his focus in the wrong direction, for people who doesn't deserve his attention. Chiranjeevi is a phenomenon and the people of Andhra Pradesh are not and they proved that by not making him a Chief Minister. But I any day want to see the people of AP queuing up for Chiranjeevi's tickets rather than Chiranjeevi queuing up for their votes.

Ramu is totally convinced that Chiru is Chief Minister material and feels that if AP people don't make Chiranjeevi CM, it's their bad luck.

Now, only time will tell if Chiru's well wishers are able to make him change his decision.

Courtesy: TOI

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