Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tamanna as an Angry Women!

Tamanna as an Angry Women
Having played demure roles in films so far (barring her debut Kedi), Tamannaah is now set to surprise audiences with her feisty role in her upcoming Venghai, in which she is paired opposite Dhanush.

Talking about her role, the film's director Hari (of Singam fame) says, I always make it a point to have strong female leads in my films and Tamannaah's role is no different . She plays Radhika, a village girl who has moved to the town. She is basically a peace-loving character; one who tries her very best to keep people out of harm's way (she even has a scene in the film in which she tries to help an insect from being devoured by a lizard). But after a life-altering incident, this pacifist takes to arms, literally and also urges the hero to do so.

The director adds that fans will get to see Tamannaah wielding a sickle in the film. Generally, it is heroes who hold such weapons, but this time, you will see both the hero and heroine use them, says Hari.

Courtesy: TOI

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