Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two new camps in Tollywood: the young and the old?

Ram Charan Teja
Even as a big brouhaha is being made about Ram Charan Tej's candid comments on his microblogging site, where he spoke out against certain "big directors", the actor himself is far from affected. jet-setting between Hawaii, Hyderabad and Sri Lanka, where he is currently shooting, the actor says he is surprised that one little comment has ended up making so much noise! "Frankly I think too much time is being wasted on trivial things," says Charan.

But senior members of the fraternity are not taking kindly to this spunky new generation that loves to speak its mind. charan is not the only one who is stepping on toes once too often. The industrywallahs who've gotten used to the constant worship by yes men around them are rather irked with the likes of Rana, Siddharth, NTR Jr, who shoot their mouths without once being apologetic about it.

Charan admits that things are changing, and this time, for the better. "I think young people never spoke out against anything. It's time they voiced their feelings and stopped taking things lying down. We have a right to opinion... Someone must start speaking up. That's what's happening right now."

Will this create two new camps in Tollywood - the young and the old, constantly clashing on everything from ideas to ideals? "I don't know if we should consider these as camps... The young and the old may be constantly clashing of late, yes. But then it's not like everybody senior is out there to get us young guys! Like my dad (Chiranjeevi), Venky (Venkatesh), they are all senior. They don't bother about such things. It's just a few guys who are picking on us. I don't think I want to give this anymore importance than it deserves," he quips.

Courtesy: TOI

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