Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nagachaitanya Dhada Wallpapers

Check out the wallpapers of NagaChaitanya's DHADA movie:
Dhada Wallpapers

Nagachaitanya Dhada photos

Anushka Speaks Out!

In a recent interview, Anushka said, "Tollywood first, I may be doing Tamil films now, but I have a thing for Tollywood. Currently, I am doing two Telugu films, "Dhamarukam" opposite Nagarjuna and "Rebel" with Prabhas. Both these roles are poles apart. In fact that's how I like to keep it. After the success of "Arundhathi", I was flooded with similar offers, but I did not want to repeat myself. I know I will never play a lawyer again, and neither will I be interested in doing a character similar to the one I did in "Vedam". If you ask me, I like to make movies that make people cry. Even on the sets of "Naana", I was overwhelmed by some heart-touching scenes.

Rumours that I am doing a periodical film "Rampachodavaram", based on a freedom fighter, are untrue. I'd like to clarify that I haven't signed the film, I just heard the script.

It's true that the Hindi version of "Singham" was offered to me, but I couldn't take it up because the filmmakers wanted me to allot bulk dates and I was already committed to "Nanna". As of now, I do not have any Bollywood plans.

About NagaChaitanya, she said, "Nothing. My life is hardly a secret. These link-ups, rumours and nasty reports are all just baseless. I basically don't react to such stories because there is no element of truth in them. The people who matter know me, that's all that counts."

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