Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pawan Kalyan or Balakrishna? Whom do you prefer?

Both Pawan kalyan and Balakrishna has huge fan following and currently both are coming in a similar role in their next film.

We are talking about the role of Journalist. Both Pawan kalyan and Balakrishna are playing roles of a journalist in their forthcoming films Cameraman ganga tho rambabu and Srimannarayana. Fans already started comparing the roles and claims that their hero will be better than other hero.

Also the movies success will depends on the directors. While CTGR is being directed by puri jaganath, Srimannaryana is directed by Ravi Chawla of samanyudu fame.

Whom do you prefer as journalist? Balakrishna or Pawankalyan? Share your thoughts through comments section.

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