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NTR's Dhammu Movie Review

dhammu movie review
Film Name: Dhammu
Cast: NTR, Karthika, Trisha, Nazar, Venu, Bramhanandam, Ali, Bhanu Priya etc
Director: Boyapati Seenu
Music Director: Keeravani
Rating: A
Movie Length: 2 hrs 32 mins

Dhammu movie first show will be starting at Dubai 10 PM IST and we are bringing the live updates and review of much awaited movie Dhammu. Check out the Live Updates and NTR's Dhammu Movie mini Review:
Overall, this time we can expect nothing short of a BlockBuster from Young Tiger NTR.And the movie was expected to break all first day records.

Live Updates:
Introduction avtundi...hall lo baaga whistles...
Raja Santhanam gurinchi...
Paga tho started Suman..Nazaar characters...Names Padtunnai...
Manchi Intresting Baground stry completed
Again resumed after 25yrss
NTR Introduction...Pambaa Regindi antaa....<> Fight started
NTR manerisam Highlight anta ikkadaa...Back chetulu pettkuni..ala choostuu
Excellent Dialogue on Politics....Thtr lo golaa Peaks ki ellindi anta
Trisha Introduction..O LILLI Song Started....Superb PEPPY Song ata...NTR manchi Energy gaa chesadu ata...
Some stry went..Second fight Started with POLICE...
Funny Scenes Between NTR TRISHA>...good onez
BRAHMMI enterddddddddd
Kota entered..some stry wwnt<> NTR named as SRI RAJA VASIREDDY SRI SIMHA
Kota NTR ALI BRAHMMi goin to village..
hero VENU entrncc
Good family scenes between Mother and sister..Screen Presence gaani..picture quality super ata
Most awaited RULER SONG STARTED>...HAll lo Arpulu peakss ata
Ruler song <>song chalaaa rich ga undi ata...
Songs was simply terrific ata...good commedy super timing ata
Move goin with Pacee...karthika entered screen play bagundi annadu
Excellent commedy btwn ALI,NTR and Karthikaa...hall lo bagaa receive cheskuntunaraataa ..
DHAMMU title track started,,,,Dances awsum...NTR screen presence nd energy topnotch

Moving Mgoing to be Serioussss
NTR riding Horsee...aftr a long tym TODAKOTTADU NTR hall lo Golaa gola...NTR manerisms are highlight...
FIGHT started...
kekaa TWIST ..
General tinu mana NFAN ey kaani pedda Hype cheyyadu baga reality untaadu Tanu okkate cheppadu one word ippatvaruku..EXCELLENT...
Fight started nearing to Intermission.,.
Dialogues aitee ULTIMATE ataa...NTR manerism gaani aa Cheppataam superrb...Hall lo evaru seats lo aagatledu chala gola undi ata..
INTERVAL :ESP Lat 25min Goose Bumps ataa aa fight dialogues twist....Report ULTIMATE,SUPERB...okkate maata cheppadu< repu Andhraa lo MASS Egabadtaaru anandu,,,
Commedy,Fights,Songs and Dialogues edi teesipodu...Overal Interval report:Excellent...
Second half started..
Raja Vasi reddy song visual treat esp Mass and rural ppl...colorful one
Superb scene btwn collector and NTR whistless all over..
Good Family scenes..stry goin..
Extraordinay Scenee..<trailer lodi Adrindi antaa...
Fight NaaBooth Nabhavishyathhhhhh....NTR Mass ento SIMHADRI tarvataa Malla bayatapettadu Boyapati...Arachakam..ata
Good Family sceness heart touchin.....its tym for Vastu Bagundeyy song...
Song matuku OOraa MASS ataa...daniki taggatte stepss massy gaa...audiencee thtr lo call chesteee gola golaa..peaks lo unanru
Fight Started..Burada fightt...Adi manam choosam gaa trailerr lone ela undi ika oohinchkindi... .
SIMHADRI lo Kerala Fight range lo undi ataa aa BGM aa Paregeti narukudu...Alladinchindi ata
Sentiment Started heart touchin..NTR acting is too good...BGM simple super ata...
Vijayeebhavaa bit Song coming.......
Climax goin to start...

Overall a blockbuster on the way.

Courtesy for Live Updates:Raaz-NTR

NTR's Dhammu Releasing in 1200+ Theaters

NTR's Dhammu will be releasing in 1200+ Theaters. This is the biggest release for a telugu film. In AP alone, the movie was hitting in 810+ theaters. The movie is all set to create new record on day one.

NTR's Dhammu Ruler Song Pic

Check out the ruler song photo of NTR's Dhammu. NTR will be playing the role of a warrior in the song while Trisha plays his love interest.

Nagarjuna's Love Story

Nagarjuna is all set to act in the direction of Dasarth under Kamakshi Banner. The movie will be titled as Love Story. This was confirmed by none other than the music director,Taman who is providing tunes for this film.

Nagarjuna is currently busy in shooting of shiridi sai which will be hitting screens in July.

Nayanatara is playing female lead in this movie. Earlier nayan paired up with nagarjuna in Boss and the pair looked romantic on the screen. Dasarth whose earlier film Mr Perfect was a blockbuster is showing high confidence on this film.

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