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Eega Review | Eega Movie Review

eega movie review
The premier shows of the EEGA movie was already started in Dubai. Check out the exclusive review and highlights of EEGA movie:

Nani tries a lot to make samantha fall in love with him. On the other hand sudeep loves samantha at first sight. Samantha impressed by Nani falls in his love. Knowing this, sudeep kills Nani. Nani will take the re-birth of a house fly which has only 15 days life span. In 15 days how Nani takes the revenge on Sudeep forms the rest of the story.

Live Updates:
-Eega title cards scrolling with the background of Father and Daughter voices

-Nani,Samantha makes their entrance and Sudeep in antoganist role made his look on screens

-Samantha on the purpose of her ongoing project goes for a donation to Sudeep managing construction company

-On the firstsight itself Sudeep falls in love with Samantha

-On the otherhand Nani making all his ways to win Samantha's love

-Now the First Song Pisinari naarive on Nani and Samantha,picturised well awesome backgrounds.

-Nani and Sudeep come face-face and clash for their love on Samantha.Here Sudeep kills Nani .

-Nani now turns as Eega which is much watchable scene on big screens.Awesome background with rich graphical values.

-Now Eega buzzing starts on silver screens.Eega starts irritating Sudeep in every aspect. Rajamouli mark comedy between Eega and Sudeep while irritating.

-Eega throws Sudeep in to a extremely shot accident scene which was picturised well.Car hitting a lorry then Eega puts his hands up..

-Watch rest of the story on screen. For keeping excitement live we are not posting completely.

  • Total runtime of the movie is 146 mins.Out of which 90 mins has graphics work.
  • Special robot which has been designed for especially Eega has been used to get reality feeling.
  • Budget of the movie has raised from the initial 7.5 Crores to 35 Crores.
  • Rajamouli's Direction
  • Innovative Story
  • Samantha and Sudeep's performances.
  • BGM.
Final Verdict:
The movie was sure to become a hit, the range depends upon how mass audience recieves the film. If people in B,C centers connect to the film, then the movie can even become the biggest hit of Tollywood. The movie has the potential to recover its budget within 2 weeks if all goes well.

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