Friday, July 27, 2012

UKUP Movie Review

UKUP Movie Review
Movie: Uu Koduthara Uliki Paduthara
Cast: Balakrishna, Manoj, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, Deekshaseth and others
Music: Bobo Shasi
Producer: Lakshmi Manchu
Direction: Shekar Raja
Release date: 27-07-2012

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Balakrishna, Manchu Manoj, Deeksha Seth, Sonu Sood are playing major roles in Uu Koduthara Uliki Paduthara.

Good Introduction of Manchu Manoj on Harley Davidson Bikeand he asks about Gandharv Mahal.

Comedy Scenes between Manoj, Raghu Babu and Dharmavarapu.

Introduction of Lakshmi Prasanna

1st Song starts as Manoj tells about him and The songs shows Manoj very cruelly

Deeksha Seth enters now.

Dialogues are good and interesting at times..

Prabhu is the father of Deeksha Seth and the owner of Gandharva Mahal.

Suhasini Plays the character of Manoj’s mother and they discuss about Gandharv Mahal..

Prabhu due to some issues has to give away Gandharv Mahal. But the tenant Manoj declines to vacate.

Second Song Comes.

Introduction of Bala Krishna..

Flashback of Balakrishna Starts..

3rd Song Starts and is very good..

Bala Krishna looks Awesome and is one of his best looks till date..

Sonu Sood Enters…

Story continues..

Bala Krishna has to vacate Gandharv Mahal due to some reasons and thats the Interval..

Second Half Starts.. And Sai Kumar enters..

4th Song starts.. Vennela Kurise..

Villain (Will not be revealed) wants to sell Mahal

Bala Krishna fights with the villain..

5th Song starts.. Adhi ani Idhi ani… The best duet and has been shot very well..

Flashback of Lakshmi Prasanna starts and the story unfolds slowly…

The Story revolves between Sonu Sood, Bala Krishna and Lakshmi Prasanna..

The Flash Back ends again..

Ajay enters now in an interesting character.

Manoj’s mystery is revealed now and his character unfolds.

Story now gets interesting now

Climax is interesting.

The movie comes to an end now..

Final Words: The last 30 minutes is heart of the movie.. Rich production values and good performances overall.

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