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Devudu Chesina Manushulu Censor Report

Raviteja-Puri's new movie Devudu chesina manushulu completed the censor today and the movie recieved U/A certificate.

The movie will be hitting screens on August 15th.

ileana is romancing Raviteja in this film, while Bramhanandam and Kovai sarala are playing God and Godess roles. Raghu Kunche's music is already in chartbusters. BVSN Prasad is producing this film.

Saikumar Daughter's Wedding Photos

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Julayi Movie Review

Movie: Julayi
Rating: 3/5
Cast : Allu Arjun,leana D’Cruz,Rajendra Prasad,Sonu Sood,Brahmanandam
Banner :Haarika & Hassine Creations
Written & Direction & Screenplay:- Trivikram Srinivas
Producers : S. Radha Krishna D.V.V. Danayya (presenter)
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography : Chota K. Naidu,Shyam K. Naidu

Ravi (Allu Arjun) is a pakka Julayi. He is a happy go-lucky person. At a point in his life, he comes across Madhu (Illeana) who is a hi-tech engineer. He falls in love with illeana. After few incidents, Madhu also falls in love with Ravi. In a parallel thread, a gang of people search for Ravi and try to kill him. This leads to an accident which causes a twist in the story. Who is that gang? Why do they want to kill Ravi? How does Ravi come out of the accident and realizes the value of life and responsiblity. At the same time, who is Illeana? Does she really love Ravi? Why does Illeana come into Ravi’s life? Is there any reason behind that? How does Ravi put an end to the gang and win Illeana’s heart? Watch it on the silver screen.

It is really good to see Bunny back in a character like Julayi. He suits well for urban youth characters. After watching him in a masculine character in ‘Badrinath’, we feel like a breeze when we watch him in this film. He had already done roles like this in ‘Happy’ and ‘Arya’. So, it is not a new /difficult task for him. He tried his level best to utter the one-liners with ease. He almost succeeded at all the places. He has a huge fan following in Kerala. He had taken extreme care in his dressing style and dances in order to impress the audience outside Andhra pradesh. When I was watching a couple of songs on the silver screen, I felt that bunny justified his ‘Stylish Star’ title’ with this film.
Illeana is back to ‘Kick’ days. I liked her in ‘Kick’. After that, this is the film she looked too beautiful. She also took care to put on few pounds after her last film ‘Snehitudu’. Her action near the interval scene is good. She appears as a hi-tech engineer in the film (working in I** company) with a responsibility towards society.
Sonu Sood is good. There are many other artists in the film. Everyone filled the bill to bring out some laughter. Rajendra Prasad’s character is as usual. He had done it many times in the past.

Cinematography is excellent. Dances are good. Editing is crisp. Music director Devi Sri prasad has this habit of including a bit song in the films which is not there in the audio cassette. He first tried this technique in ‘Manmadha Banam’ starring Kamal Hassan. The bit song comes in the beginning and it is not included in the official audio cassette. He followed the same approach with 100% love also. The song ‘Bandam ekkado (The video’s owner prevents external embedding)’ also comes in the movie as a bit song but not included in the official audio cassette. In the same way, he included another bit song in the second half of this movie. That bit song has the required emotion. I was little disappointed when I didn’t find a full item song in this film. Production values are extravagant. Coming to the songs, I really doubt if the songs are penned by other song writers. We see the spirit of ‘Prasa’ which is a trademark of Trivikram in every song. I guess, Trivikram had taken personal care and wrote few songs himself. Especially, ‘O Madhu O Madhu song’ and ‘Mee inti mundoka gate’. May be, he got inspired from Sirivennala Seeta Rama Sastry
Trivikram followed a simple and straight-forward narration style. There are no major suspenses and no back-forth falshback narrations. He properly tunes the audience mind when the initial voice over is given in the beginning. Even though the film is good, I can’t resist from saying that this film has similarities with ‘Ammayi Kosam’ starring Meena and Raviteja. ‘Ammayi Kosam’ was a message oriented film without any commercial elements. But here in this case, they have taken care to add commercial elements and made it appealing to telugu audience without giving a heavy dose of message.

There is a famous saying ‘Focus on something which you are best at and victory will be yours’. That completely applies to Julayi film. Instead of trying something new, the director tried out a subject/genre which is most comfortable with. It seems, Trikiram had decided not to try anything different after his last film ‘Khaleja’. Even Allu Arjun seemed to stop focussing on roles which don’t suit him. Trivikram is at his best for scripts like these. He already proved his mettle for films like Nuvvu Naku Nachav, Malleswari, Chirunnavutho etc. I think, even if you wake him up in the midnight and ask him to pen a script like this, he would give it in a couple of hours. The entire film flows like a smooth fluid from the beginning to the end.

First fifteen minutes after the interval involving the hospital scenes.
Nothing new in the story line. Too many number of artists.

Trivikram’s Screenplay and punch dialogues / one-liners.
Comedy Cinematography Pakado Pakado song. It has the interesting Cricket backdrop. I liked that idea. You should watch it on the screen. Rolling titles at the end of the movie. The entire love track between Arjun and Illeana. Verdict:
It delivers what is promised and what you expect. Go and watch it.

Courtesy :CB

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