Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top Singers Singing for NTR's Baadshah

NTR's new movie in the direction of Baadshah is going to be spectacular in terms of music and singers also. Top Singers are singing for the film including Daler Mehandi, Baba Sehegal, Simbu. SS Thaman is working very hard for the betterment of songs.

Meanwhile a story has been circulating on the web as Leaked Baadshah Story, which is as follows:
Navadeep, who is a son of Mafia leader Mukesh Rushi falls in love with Kajal Agarwal and to know the Kajal’s characetr Navadeep puts a detective on her.That detective is none other than Jr NTR, who is a contract killer and Mafia guy.In the meantime Kajal goes to spain and both NTR and Navadeep also follows her,While returning to Inida unfortunately Navadeep will be caught by the Airport customs officer and asks NTR to keep on watching her. After Kajal backs to India, her long time one side lover Ajay attacks on her with Acid and NTR saves her from that attack.On the other hand Kajal parents finds a suitable guy "Siddharth" for her to marry.Meanwhile NTR also falls in love with Kajal and what happened and who married her is the rest of story.

Regarding this story, kona venkat tweeted that this is not the ori.ginal story of Baadshah

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