Monday, May 6, 2013

NTR Fans unhappy with Trivikram!

Trivikram srinivas is one of the few directors in Tollywood who knows success mantra. With his brand comedy and prasa dialogues, he makes sure that audience were entertained thoroughly. Many top heros like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and NTR expressed their desire to work with him.

Though he worked with both Powerstar and Prince, he didn't work with young tiger NTR. There was a speculation earlier in the film industy that NTR will be acting in the direction of Trivikram after completing Rabasa movie. NTR fans were also very happy with that news.

But now Trivikram announced his next movie titled Kobali with Pawan Kalyan. The movie is being produced by Pawan kalyan himself on his own banner.

Hearing this news, NTR fans become unhappy. They were arguing why Trivikram doing two films continuously with Pawan Kalyan. Why can't he do a film with NTR? Only Trivikram can answer this question.

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