Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Best Moments of Pawan Kalyan by Trivikram

Trivikram is in all praise for his star pawan kalyan. Check out the 5 encounters happened when trivikram met pawan kalyan.

Encounter 1 - When I met Pawan kalyan for the first time and was talking to him, a couple came crying to him with a dying baby in their arms. PK immediately gave his car and sent them to Rainbow hospital. I heard the entire hospital costs were borne by him.

Encounter 2 - I saw a man carrying a rod with heavy rocks tied to it at one end. At the other end, I saw Kalyan carrying it.

Encounter 3 - I met him at the time when he was surrendering his revolver in the Police Station. Do you need a weapon for a man who is a missile himself...

Encounter 4 - When CPF was started, he had 1 Crore 5 Lacs in his bank account and I saw him drawing a cheque for a Crore of Rupees. So, that's when I thought he wouldn't think twice when it comes to helping.

Encounter 5 - When Prajarajyam lost out in elections, I went to meet him at home. He was as casual as any other day. When asked, he said 'We can only fight. Result is in the opponent's hands...'

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