Sunday, July 21, 2013

Attarintiki daredi Story Leaked?

Pawankalyan's new film Attarintiki daredi has leakage problems. The film story has been leaked recently and been circulating on the web.

Pawan Kalyan is acting in the role of Gautham Nanda in the movie. He stays with his uncle boman irani abroad. Gautham comes to know about some differences between him and his mother-in-law nadiya family in India. So he comes to India to solve the family problems. There he falls in love with samantha, who is mardal of pawan kalyan. The rest of all the story is about how he solves the family problems and unite his mother-in-law nadiya and uncle boman irani together.

Though the story is simple, we can expect a lot of trivikram punch dialogues in the film with clean entertainment. The chances for the film success seems to be high at boxoffice.

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