Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Watch/Download Attarintiki Daredi Leaked Movie

Are you looking to download the leaked 90 mins video of Attarintiki Daredi?

First of all just think about it. Our producers are investing crores and crores of rupees for a movie and you want to watch the pirated version for free! If the same situation arises to you, what will you do? Suppose you bought a land for 25 lakhs and somebody came and occupied it. Whats your reaction? Will you simply leave the land to them? Mana paiki vaste tappa pakkola badhalu teliva??

I request everyone not to download the pirated version of movie and not to watch pirated version. Its not only illegal but you are cheating yourself. Be genuine. Save Telugu Film Industry.

Watch the movie only in the theaters. Please do advance booking from HERE.

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