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Baadshah Movie Review

Baadshah Movie Review
With greater hopes and expectations the most waited movie of Young Tiger NTR’s Baadshah is all ready to hit the silver screens tomorrow. This film directed by Sreenu Vaitla and Bandla Ganesh is the producer. We are very elated to present a brief review of this film Baadshah a very effective entertainer for the summer holidays specially for our readers.

Movie: Baadshah
Rating: 3.75/5

(NTR) is a major player in the international crime syndicate lead by Saadhu Bhai (Kelly Dorji),a very trusted person of Baadshah's father Ranjnan (Mukesh Rushi who is a owner of casino in Macau. The aggressive acts and dynamism of Baadshah brings the rivalries among the dons headed by Sadhu Bhai. So he joins hands with Crazy Robert and Violent Victor to eliminate Baadshah at the initial stages itself.

Kajal ,the daughter of the Police Commissioner Jai Krishna Simha (Nazer) of Hyderabad helps the hero in all his efforts of counterattacking the misdeeds of Saadhu. As the story progresses Saadhu targets the major cities of India and plans for a very huge scale terrorist attacks to create a sense of fear .

In first half, NTR completely surrendered to the script. Srinu Vytla mark comedy, One-liners, Stylish Fights, dances, and pre-interval block are the main highlights. As usual he entertains. NTR's superb dance moves well supported by energetic music and good cinematography in Banthi Poola Janaki song. Everyone will enjoy this song. 

Although Low moments in first half due out lack of pace marks out to be a drawback this is compensated as the Movie progresses fast with a twist and scene In the second half of the film, a wide range of variation is seen in his appearance and dialogue delivery effortlessly. Second half is completely entertaining, especially Brahmi's comedy and NTR's dances & fights drive the audience crazy for BAADSHAH. Scenes completely turned hilarious. Non-stop comedy between NTR & Brahmi, Srinu Vytla at his best. Fans go wild during the remix songs which remind his grandfather Sr.NTR garu.

Baadshah Live Updates from Kuwait Show

Baadshah live updates
Check out the live updates and mini review of Baadshah from Kuwait Show:
  • Theatre lo GOLA  Peaks antaa
  • Movie Started...with MAHESH VOICE OVER NTR ni Praise chestoo..whistles  allover
  • eyyy  NTR entered with a KEWWWW DIALOGUee....iragaaa  Hall lo MothaMogindianta
  • firstFight Started very stylish n pace
  • Kajal  entered very cute
  • Balayya Shooting lo unnaru  aa dialogue by Tanikella
  • Sairo Song lo Steps kummadu  simple with grace anta Buddodu ease n grace kew anta super stylish...SPwords lo "DANCE iraga dngaadu.." simple n super
  • Kaju n Ntrscenes funny ga unnai antaabaaga
  • Vinnela Kishore ENtered
  • Comedy Scenes Between Kishore n kajuis Awsum antaavery Goodcommedy cameout well
  • SUMA n MS entered small commedyscene
  • MS commedy is Hilarious very funny
  • Secondfight Started
  • There was a Dialogueabout TEENAGEgirls socialn/w n movie dialogues mix chesi 3min cntnus gacheptaadu antaa NTR Exp n commedy timing AARACHAKAM antunnadu  Best antaa thtr lo  Golaa Peaks anta DIALOGUEVariation superb antlee
  • DIAMONDgirl SongStarted Pretty well picturised n Composed song peppy no..Simple n very Stylish song..
  • navdeep Entered
  • Madya Madyalo MAHESHvoiceOvr...Fight started Punch Dialogueby NTRsuperbb....
  • KellieDorjee enteredddddd
  • TITLESONG STARTED.....RichVisuals ata  Surprisee in this song....wait n see
  • IntervalDialogues ki Fans HALLlo Seatsmeeda Dancing anta...IntervalFightStarted,,,,aadialogue cheppadu Kummindi denakka
INTERMISSION,.....Movie is Simply Superb..With lot of Entertainment ,Dances  fightsn PUNCH dialogues..jus Perfect..SUPERB.. EvadoOka Review vestee Antisgola Dobbaru frsthalfmeeda..Ippudu Cheptunna Chooskondi FRSTHALF isSuperb antee NTR Dances,,Diaolgues n Commedy perfectMix...NoDoubtsLOCKcheskoBOMMA Super  --ivi SPMaatalu call lo..

  • started..
  • Banthippolajanaki Locationsn pair awsum antaa...indulo OkaStep ki Repu Thtrlo MASS seatslo Undaru  ani antunadu
  • thereEntered...BRAHMMI,.. 
  • BRAHMMI SET the Thtr on Firee Hilariouscommedy anta...thtr lo navvauleenavvuluScene bagapandidndi antunadu
  • NTR in TelanganaYAASA lo kummings
  • JP entered
  • Scenes BetweenNTR n BRAHMMI is Outstanding...VytlaMARK perfect..
  • NTR  in JUSTICECHOWDARY  GETUP,.,,,Hall lo KEKAALUpeaks,,,
  • Entertainment is Awsum Audience r njoin to the Coree....
  • BRAHMMI all the way antaa....NTR BRAHMMI kumutunarantaa asla....Audience aitee full navvutaane unnaranta
  • WELCUM KANAKAM ....REPU MASS kiThtr loo oka treate esong.."repu ee song ki thtr lo evaru seatslo undaru NTR kummi dobbadu NTRisBack antunadu
  • Siddharth Ntered..
  • Crucial scenes  goinon..cant reveal them,,
  • Sangeeth lo Jarigey Commedy peakss antaa...laugh aroit..
  • Sr Songs ki JR STEPS....FEAST for FANSantaa THTR lo GOLAA Peaks ki vellindi antaa...kekaaa
  • Last Song STARTED with a BANG..YD lo RABBARUGAAJULU TYPESONG manchi MASS StepswithFASTBEATs esp  for FrontBenchers..
  • Climax TWISTttttttttttttttttttttttttt......
  • Climax fightis simplen Super....thereENDSthe BLOCKBUSTER Movie...NoDOUBT BAADSHAH is a BlockbUSTER...WITH its heavy dosageof Commedy...EnergeticSongs..n punch Dialogues..

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