Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rajini Tension to Ramcharan, Mahesh babu, NBK

Robo 2.0 clashing with telugu biggies
Sankranthi is a big season for movies in Telugu film industry. Every year multiple movies release on the eve of Sankranthi and most of the movies perform well at the box office. One of the factors for this success is the long run of movies. Generally, February is considered as a dull season in Tollywood so Sankranthi biggies will have long run until March. But it will be different in 2018.

Shankar-Rajini starer Robo 2.0 has locked the release date as 25th January 2018. That means all the movies of Sankranthi will face a threat from Rajini starer 2.0 which is touted to be India's Biggest Movie in terms of budget. Ramcharan's Rangastalam, Mahesh's Bharat ane nenu, NBK's Jayasimha will be releasing during Sankranthi season in 2018. But these movies need to get extremely good talk to sustain in front of Rajini's 2.0. In a way, Rajini is creating tension to all these stars. Will the stars compete with Rajini or will simply postpone the movie to summer 2018? Only time will give us an answer.

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