Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Janatha Garage Combination to Miss?

NTR has planned his career well. After Jai Lavakusa, NTR is supposed to act in the direction of Trivikram Srinivas. And after that, he committed to act in the direction of Janatha Garage director Koratala Shiva.

But today, suddenly Ramcharan announced his film with Koratala Shiva. Koratala Shiva will complete Mahesh babu's film by 2017 end and will direct Ramcharan after it. So, in 2018 there will not be NTR-Koratala movie as NTR is occupied by Trivikram movie that will start in March 2018. Will the movie of Janatha Garage combination happen in 2019 or will it take a miss?

Meanwhile, NTR's Jai Lavakusa trailer has been received exceptionally well by both fans and general audience. And there are also rumors that Rajamouli will direct NTR's next movie after Jai Lavakusa as NTR has 6 months time between JLK and Trivikram movie.

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