Monday, July 3, 2017

This Actress Ready to go to any extent for the role

poorna bald headed for role
Actress Poorna is ready to go to any extent for the role in the movie if she likes it. The actress has appeared in many hit movies like Avunu, Raju gari gadhi, Seema tapakai in Telugu.

She is also grabbing many offers from Kollywood. Among one such offer, director Muthai came up with an interesting story and Poorna has agreed to play a negative role in the movie for the first time. And as per the role demands Poorna has agreed to act as an original bald headed instead of fake one. She was in love with the character and wanted to shave her head off for the role.

Normally Tamil audience like the actress in beautiful looks but Poorna has decided to go against it. Will this bold decision of going bald be negative to her career? Or will this role will bring more such negative characters to her? What do you think?

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